Rob van Dijk

CEO Selles & van Dijk Experts

Where our IT manager stopped, we searched for a new provider. uServ was advices to us as an informal, collaborate thinking organization with tremendous knowledge in IT systems. We were told it was not just a provider, rather a great partner. The retrieved information was correct. Things started building up. We are a credited damage-expert bureau and were looking for our own damage software system. A system in which we can manage the workflow, develop propositions and make invoices. A system that can in which we can easily make reports and where mistakes can be prevented. Standard systems are expensive, not complete and not very flexible. With the system uServ developed for us, we can save a lot of time, the templates are preserved and standardizing mistakes are prevented. The perfect control mechanism for our business. Next to the ease for our back office and financial department, the system also has many advantages for our clients and employees. The experts can enter data on location using an iPad so that they can determine which documents are needed, which type of expert should do the job, and when a meeting can be planned. This does not only save time and administrative work, it prevents mistakes. With one push on the button the reports and invoices roll out of the system. Very handy. And what personally makes me very happy is that uServ understands me. Not only do they implement my needs, they also drive to understand my line of work, give their vision on my wishes and provide a fast solution for what I need. And all that for a normal price. This for me defines uServ.