Jan van Rouwendal

Stakeholder Orion Software

Orion is a software company. At a given moment we had so much work on our plate without the capacity to provide one of our software systems, the electronic patient filing system, to be completed. An intricate project which cannot simply be handed to anyone, except to Ron van Leeuwen, owner and CEO of uServ. We were once colleagues. That is why I know what he is capable of and how he could help us. Not only is he reliable and in perfect condition to select the proper techniques. He also offers fast and affordable solutions. Give him an incredible difficult task and he knows how to bring it to a good end result. I always say: Where others give up, uServ goes further. Luckily uServ had the time and knowledge to develop the software using new techniques. After that they taught my employees how to use these techniques. This way we can further develop our systems. The best part about uServ is probably their ability to switch from technician to user. They want to look into the customer and what their goals are with the software. This way they can bridge the offer and what the client actually needs. And that is not always the same. That switching ability is pure talent.