Vaxin, Ease Travel Clinic

The wellbeing of both the patients and the employees is very important in medical institutions. It is important that the vaccinations for the employees are well arranged and managed. uServ has created a business vaccination system together with Ease that has been used by the academic hospital in Maastricht for many years now. 


Vaxin, containing many features

Vaxin is a multidimensional portal in which all the company its vaccinations are managed and arranged. Vaxin sends out call ups for necessary vaccinations. Vaxin als sends out reminders for follow-up vaccinations. When receiving back lab results, Vaxin knows exactly how to interpret the results and acts upon them. For example, when a titer determination for Hepatitis B is to low, Vaxin will automatically schedule a Hepatitis B booster for the patient, and will send out an invite. Nonetheless, Vaccin has the ability to automatically manage all the billing. This is a true catch for big medical institutions like the academic hospital in Maastricht. It saves abundance of time and money. more importantly, no one has to worry about the vaccinations and so the wellbeing of the employees.