Scheduling system, totaalBED

With 18 stores around The Netherlands, the main office and distribution center in Zwolle is always very busy. totaalBED is a busy and upcoming company, that was looking for an efficient and automatic navigational system that would allow the company to keep growing, and to provide the best service to their customers. uServ built an automatic navigational system in which the delivery of orders, using 9 trucks, are planned as efficient as possible. 

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What is our route planning system capable of?

This is a navigational planning system. Thanks to navigation optimisation, routes are planned automatically for a whole fleet of vehicles. This can be done for a day or even for a period of three months. This way, precious time and money can be saved. 

How does it work?

Customer orders are sent in from for example a ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. Based on the desired delivery dates, in combination with installing time and volume, the system generates the most efficient routes for the provided orders. When the navigational planning is finished, the delivery information is sent to the ERP system, and the customers can be notified. If the delivery date and time does not suite the customer, a new planning will be made so that there are no gaps originate within the route. 

The system has the following advantages:

  • Timesaving, moneysaving and gas saving thanks to optimal navigational planning
  • Better customer service
  • Happy chauffeurs 

Are you interested in this route planning system? Feel free to contact us.