MyBSC, Business Club Steenwijkerland

Smartphone use is increasing more and more. That is why the Business Club from Steenwijkerland has chosen to let uServ develop an app for them called MyBCS. This apps gives the Business Club the opportunity to optimise the communication between the club members.

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Always up to date

This app provides the members with many cool features. Every member has a profile within the app. The information on each member its profile can edited by themselves. For example, they can upload and change their own picture. The MyBCS app offers the ability to view and publish news items and events. The app integrates with the functionalities of your smartphone. For example, it can integrate with your contacts an agenda. If you approve acces of course. Members are notified about new events and changes in the event-calendar via a push notification. last but not least, members can R.S.V.P for events in the event-calendar. MyBCS is compatible with IOS and Android.

Are you a networking club, sports club or businessclub that is looking for an app? Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.