DocRunner, Fred's Pharmacy

Fred's pharmacy is one of the most well-known American Retail companies located in the southern states of the US. Fred's has 650 stores and about 10.000 employees. A budget store that sells more than 12.000 products. Fred’s operates more than 300 units focusing on pharmaceutics. Not a small business to say the least. The head office in Memphis Tennessee bundles about 2.000 different types of reports per week, and distributes to more than 5.000 addresses both inside and outside the company. A tremendous stream of documents that could be optimized with an output management system. 


What does DocRunner do for Freds?

The input data is collected from the back-office system and processed through a wide variety of overviews. Next, for each employee it is decided who receives the information, supplier or shipper. All the reports are distributed through DocRunner to printers, e-mail addresses and network locations both in headquarters and store units throughout all the states. Next to this, the documents and reports are archived and available for free text search.

After the implementation of DocRunner the number of physical prints have decreased by approximately 40% in just one year. Very environmental friendly software you could say! DocRunner has been in full production at Fred's for a year now, and with great succes.

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