Damage software system, Selles & van Dijk

Selles & van Dijk is a credited damage-expert bureau, that has a broad knowledge over recreational and professional watercrafts, and super yachts. On request, we built a personal damage software system for Selles & van Dijk.


Within this system, the workflow can be managed, propositions can be developed and invoices can be made. Reports can be made quite easily and mistakes can be prevented.

The software provides ease for the back office and the financial department, but the system also has many advantages for the clients and employees. The experts can enter data on location using a tablet. This way they can determine which documents are needed, which type of expert should do the job, and when a meeting should be planned. With one push of a button, the reports and invoices roll out of the system.

Withal, using this system does not only save time and administrative work, it prevents mistakes.