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E-commerce, industry or service organizations, our customers are almost always involved in large numbers of customers or products, processes and services. sometimes even all at once. This is usually paired with complex data streams, even though there is a strong need to easily manage and use data, to ensure that the logistic processes and service processes function optimal. Here we present the products that we have built and implemented for our customers over the past few years:



Member app, Lions The Netherlands

Back in 2015, uServ has realised an app with the primary goal of sharing information within a group of people. more specially, uServ launched an app for the club members of a worldwide service club called "Lions". For the first couple of years, uServ has sold and managed the app, but recently the ri…

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MyBSC, Business Club Steenwijkerland

Smartphone use is increasing more and more. That is why the Business Club from Steenwijkerland has chosen to let uServ develop an app for them called MyBCS. This apps gives the Business Club the opportunity to optimise the communication between the club members.

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Scheduling system, totaalBED

With 18 stores around The Netherlands, the main office and distribution center in Zwolle is always very busy. totaalBED is a busy and upcoming company, that was looking for an efficient and automatic navigational system that would allow the company to keep growing, and to provide the best service to…

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Websites with a social purpose, Fight for Sight

Fight for Sight The Netherlands is a foundation set-up by Lions. This foundation focusses on unnecessary blindness in third world countries. As proud contributor of Fight for Sight, we came in contact with the board of fight for sight. They asked us to build a new website for them. Moreover, we also…

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Requestportal, Bedrijfsartsengroep B.V.

Bedrijfsartsengroep B.V. is part of the Bedrijfsartsengroep Holding and is located in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. It is a partnership of medical officers and other professionals in the field of occupational health. To serve its customers better, BedrijfsartsenGroep BV gave uServ the request to crea…

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Damage software system, Selles & van Dijk

Selles & van Dijk is a credited damage-expert bureau, that has a broad knowledge over recreational and professional watercrafts, and super yachts. On request, we built a personal damage software system for Selles & van Dijk.

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Connectivity, Ease Travel Clinic

Ease Travel Clinic & Health Support is a travel vaccination clinic that is part of the academic hospital in Maastricht. With a lot of professional and private customers, Ease receives abundance of phone calls everyday. That is why Ease requested us to build a call center web portal. This system …

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Vaxin, Ease Travel Clinic

The wellbeing of both the patients and the employees is very important in medical institutions. It is important that the vaccinations for the employees are well arranged and managed. uServ has created a business vaccination system together with Ease that has been used by the academic hospital in Maa…

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DocRunner, Fred's Pharmacy

Fred's pharmacy is one of the most well-known American Retail companies located in the southern states of the US. Fred's has 650 stores and about 10.000 employees. A budget store that sells more than 12.000 products. Fred’s operates more than 300 units focusing on pharmaceutics. Not a small business…

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DocRunner, American Public Life

APL (American Public Life) is an American insurance company, licensed to conduct business in 49 states, and continues to serve the independent broker market. APL has been using DocRunner for many years now, and with great succes.


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