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DocRunner for modern output management

uServ’s own developed modern output management system DocRunner helps organizations with faster, cheaper, and error free processing of tremendous streams of documents. DocRunner is developed for organizations that have to process tremendous and intricate documents such as manuals, propositions, (insurance) policies, or extensive reports. Organizations who want to increase efficiency and where mistakes can be devastating. Not only because mistakes can damage the company image, also because it takes time to fix mistakes. Time which could be spend on more productive activities. Traditional methods of document processing can take several hours or even weeks. With DocRunner these processes are reduced to several seconds, without the risk of mistakes. 


Compose, Convert and Send. So Simple. So DocRunner.

DocCenter for reliable storage

Organizations conserve their archive much longer than in the past. Sometimes because it is mandatory by laws and regulations, sometimes because they simply wish to preserve company information from the past. The traditional archive systems take up to much space. This is why more and more companies choose to archive in other locations. Finding and delivering documents this way consumes time and tangible documents can deteriorate throughout the years. In the case of fire or water damage the complete archive is usually lost, and no back-ups are made. 

This is why uServ offers digital archiving. All your documents will be scanned into a system and guaranteed will stay intact for at least 40 years. Of course with reliable back-up. With this system, searching for documents is simplified and guaranteed that the information is accessible and readable. Even after 40 years.

Output management in its simplest form

With DocRunner it is simple to make complicated combined documents, convert, archive, and distribute these documents into any output format. This is the way output management should work. Fast and simple with maximum choice of output type. In the setup we define all the rules, the layout, from which system it should be retrieved, to whom it should be send, where it needs to be archived, on which paper, through which printer or communication channel, and at which time. Modern output management simplifies the possibilities to personalize and send documents via messaging, e-mail, or any possible new media solution. This way your organization can function faster, cheaper and without mistakes.

More information about DocRunner: icon_datasheet DATA SHEET

ten reasons to start today:


Supports the fast processing of large numbers of documents.


Provides tremendous time and budget savings while increasing the ROI.


Can automatically archives and index in your company’s existing environment and publish in portals, such as SharePoint and taperobot.


Makes use of open architecture and open document formats. No problems with vendor locking. Guaranteed optimal flexibility.


No investment requirements in expensive hardware.


Minimizes risks and mistakes.


Can process Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, even with pictures.


Offers a unique process functioning (sort, bundle, and wireless printing).


Guarantees uniformity in the document stream and secures the company’s look and feel.


Offers the possibility to process and send the output in multiple document formats.