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uServ provides strategic support in software engineering, specialized in software development, hosting, and document management. A Dutch company with years of experience on the international market, providing practical IT solutions that have proven their importance throughout its existence. Here we present our four fields of expertise:


Software Development

Applications make it possible

With years of experience in the field of software engineering, uServ specializes in software development and web-based applications. uServ developers are creative young people that have received an appropriate degree with several years of practical experience. Within our company a lot of time is set aside for innovative solutions, which allows us to provide you with the best service and products.



Web Development

Your online business card

Idea's. Action. Result. Three words that tell us how a brand makes friends. There is a little bit more needed to convince people of course. That is activation, our passion, and your success. A website is key for your company, especially in this electronic world we live in today. CMS goes beyond content. CMS is about experience. Anytime, Anywhere access to a unique customer experience. That's what your customers can expect. We help you focus on the customer experience, our CMS platform does the rest.


Mobile App Development

Information and functionality anytime, anywhere

Due to the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, the demand for applications has majorly increased. We have invested heavily in this market, and we can proudly say that we have thorough knowledge in developing native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Over the past few years, uServ has already developed a number of general and specific business applications with great success.



Compose, convert and send. So simple So DocRunner

uServ’s own developed modern output management system DocRunner helps organizations with faster, cheaper, and error free processing of tremendous streams of documents. DocRunner is developed for organizations that have to process tremendous and intricate documents such as manuals, propositions, (insurance) policies, or extensive reports. Organizations who want to increase efficiency and where mistakes can be devastating.


Icon_Ideas A key player on the market

Our Robust Strategy

The power of uServ? Listening, interpreting, and foremost: supporting your vision. Not acting upon the request, but finding the proper questions to support the process. Making sure the real issue arises and the right solutions are implemented at lowest possible cost. 

Our strategy is to deliver you the best software or app for the best possible price. With our unique team, we make sure that everyone contributes their input so that we can perfection our product for you. Your company plays a central role for us. We would like to provide you with personal attention, so that we can achieve the best together. Thanks to our efficient work ethics, we are capable of selling our products for fair prices. 

This is how uServ makes a difference.

Holy curiosity

Here at uServ, we pay as much attention to the last 1% as the first 99%. We want to never stop questioning the products that we make for you. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we would like to do everything to achieve this. 

Master in scrum

Our software engineers work via the scrum method. Scrum is a flexible way to design and develop software. We work within a multidisciplinary team to deliver a product step by step. We will look at the product together with you during the whole development process, so we can personalize and optimize the product your needs. 




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