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With years of experience in software engineering, uServ is specialized in web based software development. A small organisation of professionals, dedicated to developing custom designed software just for you. So far, we have developed document management systems for multiple branches, claim systems and the financial aspect of pension systems for large insurance companies, systems to document and guide absentee due to illness for medical officers and vaccination systems for hospitals. Are you looking for fast, convenient, and affordable solutions? The professionals behind uServ are always up to finding solutions for the impossible technical tasks. When other companies give up beyond the bounds of possibility, our professionals strive forward.

Our mission and vision

The world of technology is developing at a rapid pace, and in order to keep developing our IT business, we must look ahead. This way we can better comprehend trends and innovations.

We believe that well created, and personally designed software are key to a successful running company. We are constantly focusing on innovating and improving, to your needs.

uServ's main mission is to develop software that simplifies any task for you. What, in the past, was a burden and time consuming should now be fast and a piece of cake. Whether this is managing documents or simplifying financial aspects of pension systems. Our diverse team of experts thrive to make sure that you are genuinely satisfied with the software we provide. We believe in strong communication and collaboration with our customers during the whole development process to achieve the best.

It is very important for us that you are satisfied with our custom designed software, and we are not afraid of receiving your critique. Your feedback and the input of each of our specialists gives us the opportunity to thrive as a business in dynamic world of technology that we live in today.

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