Nowadays everything changes fast.
The process of relevant, personalized, fast information delivery to your customers is a major challenge.
Customers also expect the relevant information via their prefered channels.
uServ delivers high quality, flexible solutions which are integrated into your existing processes and systems without modifying them.


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Our goal is to be the best business
partner you can imagine. And we want
to make sure you get more than you
expected out of your investments in
uServ solutions. That is why we offer a
broad range of services:


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“Since we use DocRunner the quality and readability of our documents is greatly improved. DocRunner was also instrumental in optimizing our processes and ability to respond to customer requests.”

Erwin Althof
Manager Terberg Control Systems

DocRunner has given us the power to automate the creation of Policy documents and streamline our document management processes. We are now able to produce documents much faster than before, which allows us to move new products to market in a much shorter timeline.”

Cynthia Decareaux
Manager Information Systems APL

DocRunner gives us the tools to improve our Document Management by providing the ability to do more and to do things in a much more automated fashion and to work with very supportive people. In working with DocRunner we have found a great product and great people.”

Enrique Rozo
IT Director AFG

uServ products are innovative, practical and user-friendly and save us a lot of time. With their customer orientation and their good support it is a pleasure to work together with uServ.”

Hans Recourt
Managing Director Bedrijfsartsengroep

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